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Core drilling is used to create precise circular transit seals in concrete, reinforced concrete, brickwork masonry, rocks and other building materials. Core drilling can be performed in various directions – verticsally, diagonally and horizontally.

Using the state of the art technology (specifically a tool called a diamond crown drill) we are able to rapidly and cleanly create transit seals or expansion joints in floors and walls.

For core drilling, the depth of the opening can be up to 2 metres with diameters from 18 to 800 mm, at any angle. Creating larger openings or irregular-sized openings can be accomplished by gradually drilling smaller-diameter holes than the core drilling crowns.

The diamond cutting parameters depend on the type of the used tool. Using a wall saw, we are now able to carve almost any shape up to a depth of 52.5cm, with high accuracy and minimal transmission of vibrations. We use diamond rope cutting mainly in more complex and inaccessible areas, for all widths of structures. The tilting saw has its use mainly when cutting structures into individual expansion units.

The extraction of cooling water from the borehole or cut is also an advantage, as this minimizes the contamination of the working area. With core drilling, it is also possible to anchor the machine without the need of fixing it into the structure (by using a vacuum pump).

We can drill and cut into:

  • concrete and reinforced concrete,
  • mixed masonry,
  • brickwork masonry,
  • stone,
  • asphalt.

Uses of core drilling:

  • for additional installations,
  • for anchoring traffic elements (barriers, bollards, traffic lights, rails),
  • for test drilling and probing.

Use of diamond cutting:

  • for enlarging openings and additional openings (windows, doors, stairways, access ramps...),
  • for undercutting building structures,
  • for holders and expansion joints.