Fire-resistant coatings

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It is important that the structural elements that have a load-bearing function in the building have sufficient fire resistance. Whether it is steel, concrete or wooden load-bearing building structures. If the fire resistance of these elements is lower than the value required by the design, they must be additionally treated with a material that will increase their fire resistance. The fire-resistant coating system can be applied to all types of building structures. The fire-resistant coating is applied at a designed thickness which, in the event of a fire, will form a protective film (foam) on the structure capable of expanding up to 50 times the original width in the event of a fire.

Elements treated in this way can have a fire resistance of up to 90 minutes with a declared service life of 25 years.

Fire-resistant coatings can be used to increase the fire resistance of:

  • structures made of steel,
  • structures made of concrete,
  • structures made of wood,
  • electrical installations.

Unifast spol. s r.o. uses fire-resistant coating materials from these manufacturers or importers:

  • Dunamenti CZ s.r.o. - A604,
  • Promat s.r.o. – Promapaint SC4,
  • Stachema CZ s.r.o.,
  • Plamostop
  • and materials from Czech suppliers certified according to ETAG 018-2.

The most common colours and designs of fire-resistant coatings are:

The fire protection coating is supplied in white, which is usually covered with a RAL colour cover coat that complies with the technological regulations of the fire protection material manufacturer. The texture of this coating is coarser and rougher than that of conventional enamel coatings and it resembles orange peel.

Fire protection coatings for electrical installations

Foamable coating systems are used to treat the surface of electrical installations and to prevent the spread of flame over the surface of electrical cables, which are subject to the requirements of electrical standards. Fire-resistant coatings for electrical cables are applied to cable harnesses or trays in quantities according to the dimensioning table; in the event of a fire, this layer is foamed to insulate the wiring.