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Fire-resistant coatings have a protective and frequently also decorative function in interiors. They are designed to protect wooden structures, concrete elements and steel structures. We distinguish the following kinds of fire-resistant coatings: foamable fire-resistant systems, sublimating fire-resistant systems and barrier-coating systems. They are an indivisible part of the fire safety equipment of the building in accordance with Section 5(1)(a) of Act No. 133/1985, on Fire Safety, and Section 9 of Ordinance No. 246/2001, on Fire Prevention. The inspection of fire-resistant coatings therefore falls under the obligations of periodic annual inspections. Inspections are done to the extent and in the manner established by the legal regulations, standards-related requirements and the original documentation of the manufacturer.

Inspections of Fire-resistant coatings are used for:

  • prevention of losses to human and animal health, ensuring safe evacuations,
  • loss prevention due to the spread of fire and smoke on the property of the affected building and surrounding buildings that are at risk by such a fire,
  • avoiding penalties during preventive inspections by the FD,
  • enabling effective and safe intervention of the FD,
  • application of insurance claims based on valid operational checks.

How to recognise fire-resistant coatings on steel, wooden or concrete structures?

Fire-resistant coatings on steel structures have a typical orange peel texture. This structure is more prominent for coatings of greater thickness and fire resistance. We use periodically calibrated thickness gauges to determine the thickness of the protective cover.

The protection of wooden and concrete components cannot be distinguished at first sight.

Fire-resistant coatings can be found in all kinds of buildings and almost all areas.

Inspections of Fire-resistant coatings:

  • Fire-resistant coatings of steel structures are mainly located on supportive steel columns, beams, staircases, door replacements in industrial buildings, etc..
  • Fire-resistant coatings of wooden structures are used in the reconstruction of roof trusses, historic buildings or attic constructions, where wooden elements are considered to be an architectural element.
  • Fire-resistant coatings of reinforced concrete are mostly applied in substations, boiler rooms or warehouses with flammable substances.

Our company provides operational checks of systems by companies such as Dunamenti, Promat, Stachema CZ, and materials from Czech importers certified in accordance with ETAG 018-2.

Our services cover more than just inspections fire-resistant coatings. If needed, we will arrange the renovation of all areas where repairs are required.


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