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Emergency lighting is nowadays a standard for commercial and industrial structures and also in new residential buildings. In order to ensure that the system is truly reliable, it is necessary to perform periodic emergency lighting inspections. At the same time, the inspections of the emergency lighting are an indivisible part of the fire safety equipment of buildings and in accordance with Section 5(1)(e) of Act No. 133/1985, on Fire Safety, and Section 7(4) Ordinance No. 246/2001, on Fire Prevention.

These checks will be provided to the extent and in the manner established by the legal regulations, standards-related requirements and the original documentation of the manufacturerat least once a year.

Emergency lighting inspections are important due to the:

  • loss prevention of human and animal health, ensuring safe evacuations,
  • loss prevention due to the spread of fire and smoke on the property of the affected building and surrounding buildings that are at risk by such a fire,
  • prevention of penalties during preventive checks of the FD,
  • enabling effective and safe intervention of the FD,
  • application of insurance claims based on valid operational checks.

Types of emergency lighting:

  • Lighting replacements – a direct replacement for standard lighting, allowing the continuance of standard operation without significant limitations. Power is supplied from the backup source (e.g., a diesel generator).
  • Emergency escape lighting – enables safe evacuation from the building during a power failure.
  • Emergency lighting of escape routes - enables safe evacuation on escape routes and facilitates the reach of the fire-security equipment (fire-extinguishers, hydrants...) during power failure.
  • Emergency lighting of high-risk areas - ensures safe termination of activities with potentially dangerous processes during power failure.

Our services do not end with the emergency lighting inspection alone. If service is required, we can arrange the fuil repair, replacement of the lighting unit or battery with a suitable type.


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