A carbon slat is a combination of hundreds of thousands of carbonaceous fibres and an epoxy resin. Thanks to the epoxy resin-based adhesive, the slats provide additional reinforcement of reinforced concrete structures in order to meet the values prescribed by the project. Thiscomposition provides excellent durability to unfavourable weather conditions and corrosion.

The type of carbon slat, its length and requirements for the adhesive to heat are determined by the designer based on a static calculation.

Carbon slats have undeniable advantages compared to structural reinforcement using steel profiles and standard slats:

  • low weight compared to steel plates,
  • easy handling, quick and simple assembly,
  • minimal application thickness,
  • possibility of use on vertical walls and also on the underside of ceiling structures,
  • support is not required,
  • slats crossing is possible,
  • high strength to weight ratio, different strengths and modules of elasticity,
  • resistant to material fatigue,
  • non-corrosive, long-term durability and low maintenance,
  • arbitrary length (including long structural elements).

Upon application of the glued slats, we can also increase their fire resistance with fire-resistant plastering or fire-resistant cladding up to 180 minutes.