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Fire extinguishers are compulsory equipment of every building, and are therefore also subject to the obligation to be inspected (in accordance with Section 5(1)(a) of Act No. 133/1985 Coll. on Fire Protection, and Section 9 of Ordinance No 246/2001 Coll. on Fire Prevention). Inspections are carried out to the extent and in the manner laid down by the legislation, the requirements of the relevant standards and the manufacturer's accompanying documentationat least once a year, unless a shorter period is specified. Such periodic inspections of fire extinguishers must also be carried out in privately owned family houses.

Fire extinguisher inspections can prevent a number of problems:

  • avoiding damage to human and animal health, ensuring safe evacuation,
  • avoiding losses through the spread of fire and smoke on the affected building as well as surrounding buildings that may be at risk of fire,
  • avoiding penalties during preventive inspections by the FD,
  • enabling the effective and safe intervention of the FD,
  • claims based on valid operational checks.

Types of fire extinguisher inspections:

  • Regular annual inspections
    • applies to all types, at least once per year,
  • periodic inspection
    • applies to all water types, at least once every 3 years,
    • applies to snow, powder and clean agent extinguishers, at least once every 5 years.

The operational status of the extinguisher can be easily verified on the identification plate located on the extinguisher's body. The label contains the necessary details for the previously carried out inspection and the subsequent one.

In addition to fire extinguisher inspections, we can also offer you other related services. In the event of a need for periodic testing or failing fire extinguishers, whether due to a malfunctioning pressure gauge, a frayed hose or a damaged container, we will arrange fire extinguisher servicing. Replacement of original parts is a matter of course, as is the loan of fire extinguishers during the review of non-compliant ones.

We also arrange the sale of extinguishers, including valid reviews and wall brackets.