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Technology offering a range of key benefits from high performance and space-saving features to the ability to reduce infrastructure and maintenance.

Principle of operation:

  • Vacuum systems use different technology compared to gravity drainage systems. Roof inlets of the vacuum system are designed to prevent the formation of swirling water flow with the help of deflecting lamellas on their outer surface and vacuum lamellas inside the inlet, thereby preventing air bubbles from entering the pipes.
  • Ideal for draining large flat roofs in industrial halls or shopping centers.
  • Thanks to the high flow velocity of water in the pipes, vacuum drainage allows for a larger volume of water to be drained from the roofs while choosing smaller nominal pipe size

Why vacuum roof drainage?

  • Savings on a significant portion of the drainage system and associated excavation works due to fewer vertical rainwater downpipes.
  • Smaller pipe dimensions and their secure attachment with anchoring system.
  • Horizontal pipe installation and more flexible building layout.
  • Self-cleaning system due to the high flow velocity and vacuum created in the pipes.

Our services:

  • For vacuum roof drainage service, we provide a design of the entire system for the specific building. To proceed correctly, it is necessary to have roof drawings and floor plans of individual floors including levels, vertical sections, and input information.
  • After the design of the vacuum system, we provide appropriate documentation including a price offer, specifications, and complete axonometry of the system.


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